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How to Care for a Friend Struggling with Anxiety & Depression: 8 Helpful Tips


Stop Saying These Things to Christian Singles

I got married about 7 months ago. I’m a newlywed.

Before I dated my husband, I had never dated anyone else.

When we first started dating, I was 24 years old.

Yeah, I was single for a long time. I went through high school and college without ever being in a relationship. Most of the time, I was okay with that. Most of the time, I didn’t have this huge desire to have a boyfriend. I had the desire to be a wife and mother, yes, but for the most part I was not in a huge hurry.

BUT…there were times when I DID feel very strongly about it. I don’t think it helped that I went to a very small, Christian college, surrounded by people in dating relationships that quickly turned into engagements and then marriages straight out of school. And while I’m certainly not blaming those people for how I sometimes felt, I would often look at couples I knew well, and wonder why I couldn’t have that…wonder if I would EVER have it. Continue reading

3 Things to do, when you can’t find JOY in the hard thing

Sorry, not Sorry || Things we should all STOP apologizing for

Shame & Guilt.

It’s an epidemic in our world. All the time, I hear people {MYSELF INCLUDED} apologizing for things they should NOT be apologizing for.

Of course, it is always right to accept responsibility when we know we have wronged someone, and to ask forgiveness for our wrongs. THAT is an appropriate and necessary apology. But there are so many things that are just so silly that we feel so guilty for, and so compelled to apologize for!

What’s actually happening here?
You’re apologizing for *EXISTING*.

Whether you are aware of that or not. That’s what you’re doing.

Again, myself included. I find myself constantly apologizing about one thing or another. Even though I also spend a lot of time telling others around me, “That’s okay!” and “No need to apologize!” or “What in the world are you apologizing for?”

I’m so quick to see the good in everyone else, and so quick to pick out all the negative things about myself, and I forget that I don’t need to feel so guilty all the time either. I know a lot of others can relate to this.

We so often sabotage ourselves from good things, from success, because we are too busy apologizing for what we assume are weaknesses

I’ve spent some time thinking about all of the things that I apologize for on a regular basis.
All things I don’t really need to be sorry for because they are just…well…ME.

And I’ve made a list. Continue reading

Through to the Other Side: Overcoming Anxiety & Depression

This is my personal journey through anxiety and depression and how I came through it. I certainly don’t claim to be an expert on the subject, and I encourage anyone who is struggling to seek professional help. This is my story, but I am not a counselor…just another person who was enslaved to these chains and found freedom.

When I heard recently that a good friend of mine was silently struggling very deeply with depression and severe levels of anxiety, and I had absolutely no idea, I knew it was time to speak out about this. She seemed to be so relieved when I told her just how much I could relate to her, as someone else who had been there. Continue reading