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How knowing your Personality Type can change your life

Hello, I’m Emily. And I’m…well…more than a little obsessed with personality tests.

I’ve taken so many personality tests, and I fully believe in the science behind them.

Now of course, there’s those super silly, totally rigged ones that you see floating around Facebook, like, What color is your personality?…Which Gilmore Girls Character are you?…Which Literary Character are you?

And I’ll admit to have taken those and enjoyed them anyway…especially the literary character quiz. (Because I got Jo March from Little Women)!

But I’ve also taken tests like Myers-Briggs and the Ennegram Test (there are others, but these two are my favorite), where I’ve found out that I am an ENFP (Extroverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Prospecting)  and a Type 2 personality.

I could seriously just sit and talk personality types all day long. Continue reading

“…and isn’t it nice that we’re all different!”

My future mother-in-law says this often.

Personality traits and types are completely fascinating to me, and I enjoy observing them in every day life.

My future MIL loves people but she is very introverted, and she needs to hang back and be by herself in order to recharge. Me…I am very extraverted and being with people is WHAT recharges me.

Life would be so boring if everyone was the same. Everyone has something to offer the world. Everyone has their own sets of strengths. But your strengths may not be mine. And vice versa.

I have a very “Type B” personality…which automatically makes me a stereotype. People assume things…things that are just outright false. Continue reading